Marie-Jo Furey, Amimar International, project financing consulting, market analysis
We understand the investors' perspective and can not just interest investors but inspire them to invest in your project!

At Amimar International Inc, we have a handpicked team of experts who will work with you, our client, in getting the funding you are looking for, whether you are getting started, growing and expanding, restructuring your debt, introducing a new product, or getting a specific new project off the ground.  We can help you optimize your chances of obtaining funding AND introduce you to the funding source that is right for you and your  project.


Our team is led by Managing Director, Ms Marie-Jo Furey.  With over 12 years of experience at an American international merchant banking group and over 20 years of experience in the international multi-million-dollar project financing industry, Ms Furey is an expert asset vis-a-vis project financing.  She brings to the company her vast experience in risk analysis, business development analysis, market research, mastery of project financing requirements, due diligence, and site visit experience - all backed up by three Master's Degrees in International Relations, Marketing, topped off with an MBA, and preceded by a Baccalaureate in Political Science. 


Ms Furey was inducted into the Presidential Who's Who in Professional and Business Achievers in 2008 and has been a recognized member ever since.  Ms Furey has also attended extended seminars on International Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. 


Her extensive experience over the years in myriad projects on six continents is an asset to the Amimar International team.