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Market Analysis

Conducting a thorough market analysis plays an important role in the investment engineering and consulting services, especially as it regards projects in real estate, IT, tourism, shipping and manufacturing. While a due diligence assesses risks from within, market research and analysis assesses risks from without - factors such as economic conditions, industry life cycle, capital intensity and revenue volatility play a vital part of assessing how to enter or grow within the chosen market and industry.

This is part of specialty and expertise here at Amimar. Twenty years in the international middle-market project financing sector working in multiple industries worldwide has made us exceptionally well-adapted in working with our clients and providing them with on-point, focused, high-impact analyses.


Due Diligence

Performing a due diligence, in its simplest terms, essentially means doing one’s homework. As we said previously, it’s about assessing risk from within one’s own project or enterprise before even being able to move toward funding. As a project developer or enterprise seeks to either enter a market or grow within it, doing one’s homework is a necessary and essential undertaking; assessment of the promoter, evaluation of the company or business model, legal due diligence, analysis of financial statements or capital structure, credit analysis, and checking up on risks associated are among the numerous factors that make up the due diligence process.

A thorough and professional due diligence enables investors and financing institutions to fully ascertain the scope and endeavour of a project promoter or enterprise.  Amimar’s outstanding capacity in critical analysis mixed with our excellent client relations has made us a go-to source in optimizing accessible results by funding groups.

Working Together

From making strategic decisions to developing new market opportunities, we're here to help. Using our expertise and deep understanding of the international private financing sector, our clients receive real solutions and experience true results.

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