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Project Financing Consulting Services

Our bespoke consultancy services are meticulously designed to address the unique financing challenges faced by project developers within myriad industries. With the expertise of seasoned financial professionals, Amimar International has been providing a comprehensive and authoritative approach to investment project financing for now 10 years.

For the ambitious project developer looking to secure unparalleled funding strategies, our consultancy emerges as the quintessential partner. Leveraging a wealth of experience and a robust network of formidable financial connections, we stand ready to offer bespoke solutions and advisory services that precisely match the unique requirements of your project, ranging from $2 million to $100 million. Our collaborative approach ensures a tailored strategy that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting the stage for success in your venture.

Our Services

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on bespoke solutions, we empower project developers to achieve their financing objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Our consultancy excels in offering a comprehensive suite of specialized services tailored to optimize your project's financial structure and secure the necessary investment for your success. These services encompass a range of strategic offerings designed to enhance every aspect of your project journey:

  • Feasibility Studies: Delve into detailed analyses that comprehensively assess the financial viability of your project, equipping you with the critical insights essential for making well-informed decisions that drive success.

  • Financial Modelling: Harnessing state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, we craft intricate financial models that meticulously project future cash flows, empowering you to evaluate and strategize for optimal return on investment.

  • Strategic Advisory: Benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned experts who provide invaluable guidance on deal structuring, negotiation tactics, and adept navigation through the complex realm of investment financing, ensuring your project is positioned for sustainable growth and prosperity.

  • Risk Assessment: Safeguard your project against financial and operational uncertainties with our proactive risk management strategies, fortifying its resilience to unforeseen challenges and bolstering its long-term success trajectory.


In a landscape where financing can spell the difference between triumph and staticity, our consultancy transcends traditional paradigms to deliver a sophisticated suite of services that encompasses:

  • Tailored Financing Strategies: Our incisive financial analysis evaluates your project's singular blueprint to construct bespoke strategies ensuring liquidity and fiscal health.

  • Seasoned Financial Guidance: Our consortium of expert consultants, lauded for their cumulative success in project financing, stands ready to chart your course to financial attainment.

  • Feasibility & Risk Assessments: Rigorous reviews and hazard evaluations inform your path forward, fortifying your strategy against unforeseen fiscal tribulations.

  • Ongoing Development Support: From inception through maturation, our strategic advisors render perpetual support, crafting your venture's narrative to withstand the unpredictable ebbs and flows of development.

Our Clientele

Our services are meticulously tailored for project developers, investors, and corporate entities navigating the intricacies of securing project financing in today’s volatile market. The depth of our expertise is particularly beneficial for stakeholders in industries such as:

  • Renewable Energy,

  • Real Estate,

  • Tourism,

  • Hospitality,

  • Oil & Gas, and

  • Technology.


These sectors often require sophisticated financing strategies intertwined with thorough risk analysis, due diligence, market assessment, and competitive analysis. Whether you're just starting to conceptualize a project or preparing for its execution, our consultancy acts as your key partner to not only meet but surpass your project financing objectives.

We extend our arsenal of financial acumen to you, the project developer, whose visionary projects demand a level of financial expertise that aligns with the industry's best practices.

What Defines Amimar International

Our distinctive prowess in sculpting funding solutions is characterized by several key hallmarks:

  • Customization: Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all approaches, we specialize in crafting bespoke  advisory solutions that are meticulously tailored to the unique essence of your project.

  • Connectivity: Through our expansive network, we not only identify but also ignite dormant opportunities in funding, providing a dynamic ecosystem for growth and success.

  • Track Record: Our proven history of successfully navigating complex project financings speaks volumes about our unparalleled expertise in maneuvering through diverse industrial and fiscal terrains with precision and finesse.

  • Viability: By conducting thorough and comprehensive assessments, we ensure that your venture is strategically positioned for long-term profitability, leaving indelible marks of success in the competitive business landscape.

  • Assiduity: Our commitment to your project's success goes beyond mere support; it embodies a steadfast dedication to guiding your venture to unprecedented heights and sustained prosperity, fostering a collaborative journey towards excellence and achievement.

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Through our partnership, project developers are bestowed with a panoply of strategic benefits:

  • Custom potential financing approaches render achievable your project's most ambitious fiscal targets.

  • Experienced advisory leads your financial decisions to fruition with wisdom and ingenuity at its core.

  • Informed project groundwork erects a framework upon which your development can confidently rise.

  • Enduring counsel ensures your ventures are not merely launched but are lofted to a trajectory of sustainable success.

In sum, Amimar International's commitment is to leverage our industries-wide prowess to deliver tailored, viable, and strategic consultancy and advisory services that empower our clients' projects to not just commence, but to perpetually innovate and excel.

For a detailed exploration of our services and to discuss your project’s specific needs, we invite you to connect with us. Embark on a future where your projects are not only envisioned but financially actualized with precision and expertise at the forefront.

We eagerly await the opportunity to contribute to your success with acute financial strategy, robust investor networks, and perpetual advisory support. It is not simply our profession—it is our passion to see your projects flourish under the aegis of informed and personalized guidance.

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